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Frequently Asked Questions

What is so Revolutionary about Home Health Choice System?

Why HomeHealthChoiceTM referral sources stick only with HomeHealthChoice member agencies? For the very same reason iPhone users stay with APPLE. Here is why.>>> Read More >

I don't have a website. How can Home Health Choice account help me generate more referrals?

A question to think about. Do large, high volume home health companies have great websites because they are, in fact, large and have a lot of referrals and money for that sort of thing? Or did they BECOME large because they are REAL about their marketing? Read More >

I already have an existing website. Can Home Health Choice still help me generate more referrals?

Already have a website? Great! HHC web account gateway does not have to replace your existing website. Instead it can serve as a gateway that connects you and your physicians >>> Read More >

A friend of my friend in the Philippines is designing a website for my agency. How is HomeHealthChoice.com different?

Ok, it's time to GET REAL about your marketing and referral management. Home Health Choice websites are automatically created to be HIPAA compliant, with professionally created graphics to help you generate more referrals for your marketing and sales... Read More >

How Does HHC Referral Management System Work?

Once you have created a Gold account with HomeHealthChoice.com, all you need to do is click on the "Referrals" link within your account to activate our patent pending referral management system. As an administrator of the website you will be able to Read More >
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