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Face To Face Form Implementation

2012.07.19 Home Health Choice now allows for a simple Face To Face form generation based on the information provided by physicians during the referral process. Face To Face requirement is mandated by Medicare and has a set of conditions established for Home Health Industry. Our Face To Face from generator is compliant not only with CMS requirements but also with written guidelines set forth by JAACHO.

One of the most common issues related to Fact To Face requirements is physician's lack of understanding of the form and, especially, the requirement of integration of clinical findings to support each patient's homebound status. As regulations expressely forbid the use of pre-formatted language this form has become tedious enough for some physicians to avoid referring patients in need of home health to home healthcare agencies altogether. Simplifying this form is one way Home Health Choice is helping you and your physicians to simplify compliance and properly refer patients to your agency.

Jul 19, 2012 from Admin
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